Asked Questions

Can I change the registration process in Lookatmedia™?

Out of the box, your Lookatmedia™ centre has a standardised media registration process. On request, this process can be customised to meet your specific needs.

How do I add an image or video to an article?

Images in articles are added via an image picker on the content creation page. Descriptions and attributions are also added and can be edited on the content creation page.

Where is Lookatmedia™ hosted?

Lookatmedia™ is securely hosted in the cloud and includes multiple layers of security and redundancy. Your Lookatmedia™ centre is designed to scale automatically for access to meet peak periods, ensuring that the media always has easy access to your content.

Where is my database of those who have registered stored?

Your database of those who have registered on your Lookatmedia™ centre is securely stored and editable via your Lookatmedia™ DAM. Customisation can allow your Lookatmedia™ database to be linked to your existing CRM, or it can be downloaded as a CSV file.

How do the media find my media centre?

Your Lookatmedia™ centre can be discovered through organic searches. You can also add links to press releases or drive other activities to register journalists, media representatives or influencers. Once registered, you can use your Lookatmedia™ centre contact lists to connect.

How do I see what an individual user has downloaded?

Your Lookatmedia™ DAM includes reporting functions to view the names of downloaders and what they have downloaded.

Can I have my own URL for my Lookatmedia™ centre?

Yes. As part of the set-up process for Lookatmedia™, we request that you provide a domain URL. This can be a standalone domain (e.g. or a subdomain (e.g.

How do I upload images and videos to my Lookatmedia™ centre?

Images and videos for your Lookatmedia™ centre are uploaded through your Lookatmedia™ DAM. Once uploaded, you can add metadata, descriptions, and attributions that are automatically included when a file is downloaded.

What is the pricing model of Lookatmedia™?

Lookatmedia™ uses a SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing model. Starting from a base price that includes your Lookatmedia™ centre and Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, pricing will vary depending on your digital asset collection size, the number of users, and requested customisation.